The Raspberry Pi

The reason I started writing this blog was down to the lovely people at the Raspberry Pi Foundation who kindly offered two days of free training. I was so inspired by everything I learned that I was eager to pass on my knowledge. I know that the Pi pages are going to take up aContinue reading “The Raspberry Pi”


My boyfriend and I discovered┬áCodecademy over Christmas 2013 – neither of can remember how we first found out about, but we started off competing against each other to see who could get the furthest in Python. When I started teaching coding to years 3 and 4 in January 2014 and started to run my┬áCode ClubContinue reading “Codecademy”

Digital Literacy vs Computing vs ICT

So, instead of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) or Microsoft Office for beginners, as most of us knew it as, we have this new beast called Computing and Digital Literacy. The basic idea is that Computing should count as a science and be given the same emphasis and importance whereas Digital Literacy should be ‘pickedContinue reading “Digital Literacy vs Computing vs ICT”