An Update

Earlier this week, following on from the success of my previous Coding Evenings, I launched to share my idea for free evenings for teachers to learn from experts about how to implement the coding aspect of the new computing curriculum. My reasoning behind this is that I’ve had a few other teachers ask me about how to launch their own evenings so I thought it was worth having a dedicated site to help guide them. I hope that other people are willing to either organise their own or at least get involved if there is one in your local area!

In the last week I was invited to speak at both a Code Club London meetup and a CAS hub in Hammersmith. At the first event I was invited to talk about my Coding Evenings and about getting people involved in helping out in schools. At the latter I spoke to teachers about Raspberry Pi and demonstrated using the PiStop in the classroom. I also went to my first Raspberry Jam in Cambridge and got a chance to meet up with lots of lovely people. I didn’t get there in time to buy any Learn to Solder Zoo Badges from the PiHut, but I did manage to order some and I’m looking forward to writing up a blog about my first attempt at soldering. All praise to Tim and Mike for organising CamJam, it was a fabulous day and I’m so glad I was able to go.

For anyone interested in going, PyconUK have just announced an amazing offer for teachers – the first 40 that turn up will not only get a heavily discounted ticket, but their school will received £200 towards cover costs – what a bargain! Thanks to Nicholas Tollervey for sorting it out. Here’s my blog post about last year’s event. I would thoroughly recommend going if you can – it was really amazing last year.

Finally, if you’re interested in coming, the final Twickenham Coding Evening of the year will be on Wednesday 1st July in the Stokes and Moncreiff in Twickenham as usual. I hope to see lots of you there.

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