Apologies for Silence

So, last year I spent my summer writing blog posts left right and centre and I have so many new products to try out and blog about, but I have a huge apology to make first… Basically, I started to write a short iBook about how to begin teaching primary coding which was aimed at primary school teachers like myself…this quick guide has slightly taken over my life and is now just shy of 50 pages with several sections left to go. Once I’ve got a first draft written and checked then I can pull my finger out and start blogging again, but just to wet your appetite, here are a few of the things I’ve got to blog about:

Hopscotch – block based coding on iPad

Gemma – arduino based wearable tech

Codebug – I’ve got one arriving in the post any day now

Mozilla learning platform

Explorer Hat Pro, Displayotron 3K and Unicorn Hat

So, you can see that I have a couple of bits & pieces ready to go in my pile of stuff to review, it’s just finding the time!! Please bear with me while I slog my way through permissions and acknowledgements not to mention glossarys and introduction videos!

Published by Cat Lamin

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